Wild Desert!Rescue Hikari!

Railey,Hersel,Helen and Hikari re-met with Takeru.Takeru,without knowing that Devimon was in fact,Impmon,attacked him.But Baromon stole Helen bag.The Chosen Childrens followed him,and reached into a city.There,it was revealed he was a Messager Of Darkness,and kidnapped Hikari.

The Chosen Childrens keept on following Chatsuramon until a desert.There,he entered a cave.When the Chosen Childrens wanted to run into,the entrace was blocked by a metal door.Takeru was hitting the door.




Hersel:He won’t hear you.Not anytime soon.

It was night.The Chosen Childrens started a fire in front of the cave and camped there.Takeru was still hitting the door.

Helen:Why can’t he just admit that he can’t open the door,and wait until Chatsuramon will want to leave the cave and open it himself?

Railey:He’s really into saving Hikari.Why?

Hersel:He’s in love with her.Obvisously.


Railey:Takeru-kun…in love with Hikari?

Hersel:Didn’t she mentioned being a Chosen Childrens two times before?Our “mom”(Takeru) mentioned being a chosen children twice before too.They’ve obvisously stayed a lot togheter.

Railey:I know but….I stay with a girl in the bench at school for 4 years already.I can say that we stayed a lot togheter.Yet,I am not in love with her.

Helen:I guess Hersel’s right.Why would one keep hitting a door,to save a girl,for 2 hours non-stop,if he’s not in love with the respective girl?



Patamon:I noticed it too.

Taker still hits the door.




Helen:You can’t open the door!Admit it!

Railey:Hey guys..I just noticed…we could had used this switch over there!

All: *facepalm*

They enter inside:

Hersel:This doesn’t looks like a cave.More like a laboratory…



Arukenimon:Oh my,what are 4 kids doing in our laboratory?

Railey:Oh please.I think you know very well why we’re…..


Arukenimon:This is a laboratory.The Messagers of Darkness who fought you so far are here.

Hersel:That would be…just you and Chatsuramon.


Takeru:I will repeat:WHERE’S HIKARI?Why’d you two kidnapp her?

Arukenimon:You’re so silly!!A trap!

A trap opens under them,and they all fall down in a prison.

Takeru:Grr…it was a trap.

Helen:We have to climb up back there.

Hersel:But how?

Railey:Oh I know!We can climb on Seadramon’s long neck.Betamon!


Betamon digievolve to…….


Railey:Betamon,what’s wrong?

Chatsuramon stays above the trap,and says:

Chatsuramon:Now now…you think we’re so stupid to let you evolve in the prison?We’ve hidden a device that prevents you from evolving while in the prison.

Chatsuramon leaves.

Takeru:Search for the device and destroy it!

Railey:Wait..we’re underground,right?


Railey:The “walls” of the prison is actually ground.Because we are underground.Maybe we can dig a tunnel to get out!


They reach where they were when they fell in the prison.

Takeru:Now to rescue Hikar…

Arukenimon appears:

Arukenimon:Your way stops here!Acid….

Lunamon:Lunar Claw!

Impmon digievolve to…Devimon!

Lunamon digievolve to…Lekismon!

Betamon digievolve to…Seadramon!

Patamon digievolve to…Angemon!

Devimon:Darkness Claw!

Leksimon:Moon Slash!

Seadramon:Water Blaster!

Angemon:Heaven’s Punch!

Arukenimon gets deleted.

Railey:YEA!Finnaly!We’ve defeated 1 Messager of Darkness!

Takeru:Another one awaits down there!And Hikari!


Chatsuramon:How..how did you escaped?



Chatsuramon:Grrr!YOUUUU!Bao Chui!!!



Chatsuramon pulls a lever and a portal appears in front of Railey.Railey and Betamon falls in it.

Al: !!!


In the real world,Railey finds himself on the bed.


Checks his bed and finds the Betamon toy.

Railey:Talk buddy!Do it!Talk to me!TALK!Oh no…could it be…Was I dreaming all of it?






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