Why Were We Chosen?Seraphimon!

After getting annoyed by Takeru,Hersel and Impmon went for a walk.There,they had been attacked by a Gesomon.The others came in a rush at the lake,but Gesomon attacked them too.However,when Railey was in danger,Betamon evolved into Seadramon,and saved not only Railey,but also Hersel and Impmon.

The Chosen Childrens were fighting a Goblimon(the battle was already started).


Goblimon:Goburi Strike!

Seadramon dodges:



Seadramon:Water Breath!!

Goblimon gets deleted:

Helen:So great!

Takeru:You did great,Railey!Seadramon!

Seadramon de-evolves to Betamon.

Hersel: (I have power too!I am strong!I’ll show you!You lot!)


Takeru:That is..

Helen:Our destination….


Railey:The Blue Roofed House!

Impmon:Let’s go in!

Inside the house:

Railey:Heeeey,anybody there?

Takeru:This house is so big…

Railey:That is…FOOD!

Railey rushes to the food and starts eating.

Hersel:FOOL!We can’t just eat it!Who know what kind of beast we’re making angry by that!

A HolyGuardromon(A White Guardromon with wings) appears:

HolyGuardromon:Who is there?You ate our food!You must be punished!


Hersel:Told ya’!

Takeru’s Digivice: NO DATA!

Takeru:No Data?

Patamon:I don’t recognize this digimon either.

HolyGuardromon:You will pay for eating our leader’s food!I know you’re the darkness’s army!

Railey:Wait wait!You’re getting things wrong!We’re no one’s army!We were told to…

HolyGuardromon:Like we’d believe that!

Helen:”We” ??

5 more HolyGuardromon appear.

Takeru:We’ve gotta fight them!

Betamon:Water Bubble!

Patamon:Air Shot!

Impmon:Fire Finger!

Lunamon:Luna Crusher!

Hersel: !!! We didn’t hurt them at all…


Betamon digievolve to…..Seadramon!

Railey:Seadramon,use Water Breath while spinning!It will hit all of them!

But Seadramon couldn’t attack because all of the HolyGuardromons attacked at once,making him de-evolve back to Betamon.


The HolyGuardromons wanted to attack once more,to destroy Betamon,but a voice stopped them.

Seraphimon:ENOUGH!!!!!!I called them!

Helen and Takeru: !!!

Hersel and Railey: !!!

Impmon,Betamon,Lunamon and Patamon: !!!

Railey:You…you called us?I thought it was a human.

Seraphimon:Well,it was me.

Hersel:FOOL!Why had you made your robots attack us?

Seraphimon:You’ll know that soon.But my first priority is to explain your mission here!

Takeru:Yea!We want to know that!

Seraphimon:I’ll explain you.Follow me.

Seraphimon took them on a big room.

Seraphimon:Weeks ago,a meteorite hit our world.But that wasn;t just a normal meteorite.It was  a crashing space ship.12 evil digimon,calling themselves The 12 Messager of Darkness,and their leader come out of it.They began conquering this world,slowly.I am being the Peace itself!I’m a spirit.I’ve gained a Digimon form when thoose began to attack.I’m responsable of this world’s peace!I cannot let it fall into the darkness of thoose 12 evil digimon.I’ve observed you 4 since then.I’ve chosen you,to be my great 4 warriors,and defeat The 12 Messagers of Darkness,and bring back the peace in this world.

Railey:Why us?

Seraphimon:You 4 have great potential.

Takeru:And what’s up with the HolyGuardromons?Why couldn’t the digivice recognize them?

Seraphimon:When thoose events began,I created thoose digimons to protect me.They attacked you believing you were one of The 12 Messagers of Darkness.The reason your digivice couldn’t recognize them it’s because they’ve been recently created.

Helen:As we’re talking about digivices…can we get ones too?


One of the HolyGuardromons came with 3 digivices,and handed them to Railey,Helen and Hersel.

Seraphimon:Now,Chosen Childrens!Go and defeat the great evil!


Seraphimon:Walk trough this world.Find the conquered areas.Fight the 12 Messagers of Darkness!Bring back the peace!

Hersel:(Haha!Just image if we’ll win.I will be the very best!Not only at card game….but at digimon fighting itself!!!!!!)

Seraphimon:Now go!Go and bring peace to this world!

All: YEA!

The roof got broken by a SkullGreymon.

Takeru:Skull….SkullGreymon!!Can’t be…is that…Taichi-san’s Agumon?

All: !!!!

Seraphimon:That’s…1 of the 12 Messagers of Darkness.

SkullGreymon:Taichi?Who’s that?I was born and raised by the lord of darkness!

Takeru:(Then I was mistaking.That’s not Taichi’s Agumon)

Seraphimon:Holy Gate!

SkullGreymon destroys the gate.

Seraphimon:WHAT?!Chosen Childrens!RUN!And defeat them!

Railey:But you’ll be killed!!


They run outside,and the house get destroyed:

Helen:Can’t be…

Takeru:We have to go…




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