VS Volcdoramon!The Chase for The Tag!

Narrator(Railey):Many happend  reccently.Me,along with my friends got sucked in another world,where we became friend with Digimon,the Digital Monsters.We’re up on a mission to save this world.We managed to escape from MetalEtemon,and we met up with Devimon who managed to escape from Volcdoramon.While planning to free the others,MetalEtemon attacked them.But…

MetalEtemon:Attack,Flarerizamon!Destroy them!

Volcdoramon appears.

Volcdoramon:What is this non-sense,MetalEtemon?

MetalEtemon: !!! Lord Volcdoramon!

Railey,Seadramon and Devimon: !!!

Volcdoramon:You disobeyed me,MetalEtemon!I told you to catch them and bring them to me,so I could have the honor to kill them myself.Not for you to kill them!

MetalEtemon:But…Lord Volcdoramon,I just didn’t wanted you to lose your time with…

Volcdoramon:ENOUGH,METALETEMON!You dared to dissobey me!Now you will pay!

Volcdoramon kills MetalEtemon.

Railey:METALETEMON!Gotsumons!!!!(Is that really….how cruel the digital world became)

Volcdoramon:As of what concerns you three.You will die right now!

Railey:Seadramon.You can kill!Kill him!MAKE HIM PAY FOR WHAT HE DID TO METALETEMON!

Seadramon X Form Activate! Seadramon X

Railey and Devimon:WHAT?

Seadramon X:Hahahaha!Your cruel orders made me activate my X Form!I am still just a champion,but in an enchanted form!I’m Seadramon The Assasin!

Railey:(That;s not…what I wanted him to become….)

Seadramon X:Railey!You and Devimon go and free the others!I’ll try to keep him here until then!

Railey:Can you fight him?

Seadramon X: GO!

Railey:…Ok.Let’s go,Devimon!

Railey with Devimon flies away.

Volcdoramon:Oh,such a touching words…Too bad I’ll have to kill you!

Seadramon X:We should negociate about who kills who!Water Blaster X!

In the Colloseum,they see their friends in a cage:


Railey:Sorry it took so long.

Hersel:Sorry?You made us wait for almost an year!

Devimon:Hersel,calm down!He only stayed in the real world for 4 hours.Time goes differently.


Railey:Now to rescue you fast before the Flarerizamon appears.

Hikari:Hey,where’s Betamon?

Railey:He’s fighting Volcdoramon!

Takeru:WHAT?You have to go to him!We tried fighting him too…Railey!He’s gonna kill and absorb Betamon.


Helen:Go to him!Come to free us after!


But when Railey and Devimon wanted to leave,the Flarerizamon appeares.


But a light appears,and all the Flarerizamon de-evoles to Koromon.Now they’re too weak to attack.The cause of the light was the Tag itself!

Railey:The Tag!

Railey takes it,and frees everyone.Now they left for Seadramon.

Back to the Battlefield:

Seadramon X:Deadly….E….

Volcdoramon:Fool!That’s gonna kill both of us!

Seadramon X:I don’t care,as long as it kills you!

They arrive.

Railey:Seadramon X!

Coronamon Spirit:Railey!Don’t worry,only you can see me,or hear me!


Coronamon Spirit:No one else can see me!If you want to talk with me,without your friends believing you talk alove,just think what you want to say,in your head!I’ll hear it!!

Railey:(In mind..Like this?)

Coronamon Spirit:Anyway,I called you for something else.Raise your Tag to de-activate Seadramon’s X Form,before he will use his deadly move which will kill not only Volcdoramon,but himself and us too!Hurry!

Railey raises the Tag,but nothing happends.

Helen:What’s up with that?

Railey:(Hey Coronamon!Nothing happend!)

Coronamon:Hmmm..what could posibly had gone wrong?Give me a minute.Tell your friends to go in there and try to stop Seadramon X from using the deadly move.Send Devimon and Gatomon on Seadramon X to stop him,and Lunamon and Patamon on Volcdoramon.



Railey:Hersel and Hikari,you and your digimons go to stop Seadramon X from using the deadly move,but without hurting him.Helen and Takeru,you go to Volcdoramon.

Hersel:Humph,why should we do what you say?

Railey:Because Coronamon said so!


Railey:Just…do it!


Hersel:Fine!Let’s go Hikari!

Takeru:We should go too,Helen!

Lunamon Digievolve to…Lekismon!

Gatomon Digievolve to…..

Gatomon:I can’t.


Patamon Digievolve to..Angemon!

Takeru:Patamon,digievolve into MagnaAngemon!


Angemon Digievolve to….

Angemon:I can’t either!


Takeru:OOh!I seen the Messagers planting some devices!We can’t evolve to Ultimate unless we have the Tag and Crests!The others are in working….but us…

Hikari:Apocalymon broke them!

Takeru:Yea.Even though we should normaly be able to go to Ultimate without them..we can’t due to Messagers devices.


Takeru:We’ll have to reduce to thoose forces!We’ll use just Gatomon and Angemon for now!


Out of Story:

Creator(of this fan-series):Before you ask,the reason why Gatomon evolved into Angewomon to defeat Devimon back then,was because the 12 Messagers of Darkness HAVEN’T yet conquered the world,and HAVEN’T yet planted the devices.Now,back onto the story.


On a cliff,SkullGreymon(from episode 3) was watching.

SkullGreymon:What an interesting meal we have there!Seadramon X!!!!!It’d be great for me to absorb it!But I’ll just let Volcdoramon take care of him for me!Hahahahaha!


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