Spider Trap!Arukenimon Vs Lekismon!

The Chosen Childrens finally reached to the blue roofed house,only to find themselves in a middle of an HolyGuardromon ambush.Saved by Seraphimon,he reveals being the one who called them.He tells them about the 12 Messagers of Darkness,which they must stop.With each of them now possesing a Digivice,one of the Messagers of Darkness,SkullGreymon,ambushes the house.

Railey:We can’t just stay here and watch!We have to go back!To save Seraphimon!

Takeru:Railey!We were given a mission!Seraphimon wants us to defeat the 12 Messager of Darkness.If we got back there,we’ll be killed!We couldn’t stop them anymore.

Railey:But Seraphimon…

Helen:Railey!Seraphimon,himself,said that he is a spirit..an entity.Even if the body dies,that doesn’t means that the spirit dies too.He lived without a body million of years!He can do it again!

Railey:We can’t be that sure!

Hersel:That’s it…


A giant explosion happends,which separated the kids from each other.Helen and Lunamon wakes up in the night,in the middle of a dark forest.

Helen:Wha..what happend?

Lunamon:That explosion….

Helen:Where’s everyone?

Lunamon:Hmmm…maybe the explosion separated us!

Helen:GUYS!GUUUUYS!Where are you?

Lunamon:Helen!We don’t know if they’re here!Plus,we also don’t know if they woken up yet.

Helen:But what if we’re attacked?You have no evolution.

Lunamon:I’ll protect you.With,or without evolution.

A PicoDevimon appeares and takes Helen’s bag.

Helen:Hey!Give it back!

Lunamon:I’ll take care of it!Lunar Claw!

PicoDevimon:Grhhaaa!!Pico Darts!

Meanwhile,in the real world,two kids were playing the card game.

Boy1:I send in,PicoDevimon!

Boy2:You’ll regret the choice!I send in Lunamon!Lunamon,use Lunar Claw!

Boy1:It hurt PicoDevimon a bit,but not enough!Pico Darts!

A mysteryous man arrives in front of them and takes the PicoDevimon card.


The man cuts the card.


Man:That card is a threat!You have no idea what you’re doing by playing this silly game!

Back in the digital world,PicoDevimon suddenly vanish:

Helen and Lunamon:WHAT?

Helen:He vanished?

Lunamon:I haven’t defeated him yet.How could he vanish?


Helen:Who’s there?

The mysteryous digimon reveals to be Arukenimon.

Helen:Let’s see..

Helen’s Digivice:Arukenimon!Virus Digimon!Ultimate Level!It’s special attack is Acid Mist!

Helen:Ultimate?What’s that?

Lunamon: !!! Ultimate….is stronger than Champion.


Arukenimon:I am one of the 12 Messagers of The Darkness.Your journey ends here!

Helen: !!! He’s one of thoose digimons.Like that one…


Takeru:Skull….SkullGreymon!!Can’t be…is that…Taichi-san’s Agumon?

All: !!!!

Seraphimon:That’s…1 of the 12 Messagers of Darkness.

Flasback ends.

Lunamon:Don’t lay a finger on Helen!

Arukenimon:Then I’ll begin with you!Hihihihihi!Acid Mist!

Lunamon: !!!

Lunamon dodges.


Arukenimon kidnapps Helen and goes away.


Railey and Betamon arrives:



Betamon:Where’s Helen?


Railey:What’s wrong?

Lunamon:Arukenimon,a Messager of Darkness showed up.I failed to protect my partner…and she took her away.


Betamon:We’ll rescue her!Right,Railey?

Railey:Yea!Let’s go!

Further in the forest,they notice Helen in a spider web.

Lunamon:Partner Helen!



Arukenimon appears.

Arukenimon:Ghaaaa!What are you doing here?

Railey:We won’t tell you!We’ll show you instead!Betamon!

Betamon Digivolve to….Seadramon!


But Seadramon couldn’t do anything,because he got pushed into the web too.



Arukenimon:I am hungry!And when I am hungry…

Arukenimon prepares to eat Helen!


Lunamon digivolve to….Lekismon!


Railey’s Digivice:Lekismon!Champion Level!Data Digimon!Her special attack is Moon Night Bomb!


Lekismon:Let go of Helen!Moon Night Bomb!

Arukenimon:Gaaaah!Acid Mi….

But couldn’t attack because Seadramon,despite being in the web,used Water Blast.

Lekismon:Now,Moon Night Strike!!!

The attack pushes Arukenimon away:

Helen:You did it!You defeated it!

Lekismon:I’d wish.I just hurt it.Far from defeat.

Lekismon and Railey took Helen and Seadramon from the web,and Lekismon de evolved back to Lunamon.

Helen:Now..let’s search for the others!


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