Flare Kingdom!Volcdoramon’s Land!

Narrator(Railey):Many happend  reccently.Me,along with my friends got sucked in another world,where we became friend with Digimon,the Digital Monsters.We’re up on a mission to save this world.In the human world,Yakuno explained me the origins of the Digimon.Returning back,I found….the worst.

In the Sand Kingdoom:

Betamon:You did it Railey!We’re back!

Railey:(Digimons….are just…data..NO)

Betamon:But hey,where are the others?


They got dragged by 10 Gotsumons in a little cave:

Gotsumon:What the heck are you doing outside on the patrolling time?And you were shouting.Do you wanna them to see you?


Gotsumon:You…don’t know?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?

Railey:Well,I was send back to the human world.Time goes differently in this world.Even though I was only missing for a few hours….it’s been months for you.

Betamon:(Since…since when does he knows that?)

Gotsumon Elder:Ok.I will explain.There are thoose savior kids.4 of them!

Railey:I am one of them.

Gotsumon Elder:After you dissapeard…



Chatsuramon:Ghrahahahahaha!Without him,you can’t defeat me!Ghrahhahahah!

Hersel:We’ll see about that!Devimon!

Devimon:Death Claw!

Lekismon:Lunar Break!

Angemon:God Knuckle!

While the chaos,Takeru rescues Hikari:

Hikari:Thank you,Takeru!

Takeru:No problem,Hikari-chan!

Hikari:Gatomon,join them!


Gatomon Digievolve to….Angewomon!

Angewomon:Holy Arrow!


Helen:One more hit and he’ll fall!

Chatsuramon:Ghrahahahahah!Or so you think!Digimental Up!Baromon!

Takeru:He armor evolved again?But….we destroyed his Armor!

Baromon hits Hikari’s leg:

Hikari:AAAAAGH!!!You broke it!!

Takeru:Baromon…..You’ll pay for doing this to the girl I love!

Hikari: !!!


Helen:I always believed you,actually.

Takeru punches Baromon.

Baromon:Haha!That tickled!



Takeru:Digimental Up!!!

Angemon Armor Evolve…Pegasumon!

Baromon:Do you brat really think that thing can match me?

Takeru:Not only match you….but destroy you!!!


*Flashback Ends*

Gotsumon Elder:In the end,they defeated him,but….While searching for you,The 12 Messager Of Darkness managed to conquer the whole Digital World.Without you,the team couldn’t defeat any more Messagers.Each Messager has been gived a Land to possess.Life has been an hell even since.

Railey:Don’t worry.We’ll defeat all the Messagers and their leader!Right,Betamon?


Railey:But…where are my friends now?

Gotsumon Elder:They’ve been caught by this Land’s Ruler,Vocldoramon.

Railey:Then we’ll take him down!

Gotsumon:Are you talking serious?He’s an Ultimate.In other words,stronger than you!

Railey:I don’t care!I’ll save my friends no matter what!Just wait,Volcdoramon!Just wait!

Gotsumon:Sorry…but…even if we like it or not….we’re Volcdroamon’s servants!

Railey and Betamon:WHAT?!

Gotsumon:Sorry,but he’ll kill us if we don’t kill you.So..

All Gotsumon:Jorgess Evolution!

All the Gotsumon become one MetalEtemon.

MetalEtemon:You’re done for,Railey!HAHAHAHAH!




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