Metal Etemon’s Rampage!The Key to Digivolution!

Narrator(Railey):Many happend  reccently.Me,along with my friends got sucked in another world,where we became friend with Digimon,the Digital Monsters.We’re up on a mission to save this world.Back to the Digital World,me and Betamon learned that in our absence,the 12 Messagers of Darkness had taken over the world.We were saved by a group of Gotsumon,only for them to Jogress into MetalEtemon and fight us!


MetalEtemon:Do you think we want to hurt you?We told you that this world is an living hell.The Die-To-Live rule applies now.Lord Volcdramon ordered us to kill you,or he’ll kill US!Even though we don’t want it….we must.


MetalEtemon:So I am sorry,but your path stops here!

Betamon:Shall I attack?



Railey:They don’t want to hurt us.They’re forced to.Reatreat!Run away,Betamon!Fast!

Outside,they manage to lose him.

Betamon:We have to fight.We can’t just run for the rest of our lives.

Railey:I know.But they aren’t bad guys.They only fight so they can live.

Betamon:So what do you suggest?

Railey:We’ll find Volcdramon,defeat him,and rescue everyone else!

Betamon:But as they said.It’s the patroling time.They’ll find us.

Railey:Exactly.We don’t have to worry that we won’t find Volcdramon.He’ll find us.

Betamon:But that’s risking!

Railey:I’ll protect you.The Gotsumons…The whole world!DIGIMONS ARE NOT DATA!YOU HEAR ME,YAKUNO?

Betamon:What’s up with all that all of udden?

On the real world,inside the DDM HQ,Yakuno receives a message on the screen.

Yakuno:”Digimons are not data!You hear me,Yakuno?” ? What?That kid….

Operator:Master Yakuno?

Yakuno:Ha…haha….hahahahahah!Localize the MetalEtemon card!And destroy it!

In the Digimon World,in a cave,a spirit appears in front of Railey.

Railey:What?Who are you?

Spirit:I’m the spirit of the legendary Coronamon!

Railey:Co..coronamon?My friends are searching for that card for 7 months!

Spirit:You must defeat Volcdramon!And the other 9 remaining!Arukenimon and Chatsuramon are the only one defeated!You must defeat the all!And bring back peace to this world!

Railey:But…the Gotsumon told me…Volcdramon is an Ultimate.That’s one level highter than Champion,the hightest level Betamon can go to.

Spirit:You must find the legendary Spirit Tag and the legendary Spirit Crests!The Spirit Tag is somewhere on this land!The location of the Spirit Crest is unkown!But,you must find the Spirit Tag!That’s your first priority!


MetalEtemon breaks in.

MetalEtemon:Railey and Betamon!


Betamon digievole to…Seadramon!

Railey:Seadramon!Wait!They’re not evil!They’re forced.

Seadramon:I’m sorry,Railey!Water Blaster!

MetalEtemon:Metal Armor Shield!Haha!Didn’t hurt!


Devimon:Death Claw!


Devimon:Hurry up!

They get on his back and run away.While flying:

Railey:How comes you weren’t caught?

Devimon:I was.But I had the teleportation ability,so I could has escaped….Where had you been?You went to the Real World for over 240 Days?You let us here,for almost a year!

Railey:Devimon!Time works differently.I only stayed 4 hours.

Devimon:Whatever!I have to take you to everyone to free them.They can’t evolve,so you,evolving from outside,must get them out.

Railey:But how did you evolved then?

Devimon:I teleported out as an Impmon,and evolved just then.But we must be careful.The whole colosseum is guarded by Flarerizamon.They’re only a champion,but there are a few thousands.

Railey:How do we get in then?

Devimon:We can get in from the top,but we’ll have to hurry.The Flarerizamon would come fast.

MetalEtemon:Too bad you won’t even reach there!

MetalEtemon shoots into Devimon’s wing,this making them fall.

MetalEtemon:I present you my Flarerizamon Army!

Thousands of Flarerizamon appears behind.

Railey:Grh….Devimon’s hurt…so…Betamon!You can hurt them now!


Betamon Digievovle to..Seadramon!

MetalEtemon:Attack,Flarerizamon!Destroy them!

Volcdoramon appears.

Volcdoramon:What is this non-sense,MetalEtemon?

MetalEtemon: !!! Lord Volcdoramon!

Railey,Seadramon and Devimon: !!!


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