Forced Evolution!Devimon!

The 02 gang had a meeting to discuss Takeru’s dissapearence.Hikari decided to go in the digital world.Meanwhile,Hersel separes from Takeru and becomes mad about the powerness of Impmon.When Arukenimon appears,he forces Impmon to evolve.This causing an evil Devimon to appear.Seadramon and Lekismon lost within just 1 attack to Devimon.In he madness,Arukenimon flew.

Betamon digievolve to…Seadramon!


Devimon launches an attack towards Lekismon and Seadramon making them to return to their rookie forms.

Railey:(His power is unbelievable..)

Helen:(Can we defeat him?)

Hersel:(Is this..happening because I forced him to evolve?)


Hersel:IMPMON!Hear my voice!STOP!

Devimon:Impmon?Who’s Impmon?HAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Helen:Lunamon!Evolve again!

Railey:You too,Betamon!

Lunamon:We can’t.

Betamon:We’re hurt.

Devimon:This world is mine!!!!!!

Hersel:IMPMON!Stop this right now!

Devimon:You wanted me to be strong!Well I am!!!!!

Hersel:Yes!But not against me!

Devimon wanted to attack Hersel,but it’s stopped by a voice…

Angewomon:Holy Arrow!


Hersel,Betamon,Lunamon,Helen,Railey: WHAT?

Hikari appears.

Hikari:Destroy him,Angewomon!

Hersel:WAIT!He’s my partner!

Hikari:Partner?!How did he became that?

Hersel:Tsk…I…forced him to evolve.

Hikari:WHAT?You’ve done the same thing as Taichi!You shouldn’t had done that!

Hersel:Who’s Taichi?

Hikari:Doesn’t matters!

Meanwhile in the real world,two kids play the card game:

Boy1:Ha!My Devimon destroyed your Betamon and Lunamon cards!

Boy2:Yea,well,Angewomon will take care of him!Holy Arrow!

Meanwhile in a building,the man who cut the PicoDevimon card and some other people look at the screen.On the screen,it is the battle of Devimon and Angewomon.

Man:Who created this card game?How did he made a bond between an apparently normal card game,and a virtual world.

Women:Shall we launch the virus?

Man:No.Devimon is strong enough to absorb it.That’ll make him evolve to Mega.He’s strong enough as it is now.Why give him more power?

Women:Then how do we stop it?

Man:Locate the kid who play the card game,and have Devimon and Angewomon in the battle.

Women1,2,3:Yes sir!

The three womens start pressing on buttons.

Man:What about the fight between SkullGreymon and Seraphimon?

Women:It’s still on going.

Man:WHAT?How is that posible?Some kids still play the card game,1 day non-stop?

Women:We located the kids with the SkullGreymon and Seraphimon card fight.

The women puts it on the screen.

Man:WHAT?The kids are at school?But their battle is still on going.HOW?LOCATE THE CARDS!

The women locates where the SkullGreymon and Seraphimon fight is,and puts it on the screen.

Man:WHAT?They’re on a table?No one plays the battle anymore….but in the digital world,the battle is still on going.WHY?

Women:It seems like the digimons can fight without the help of some kid’s card game.They have their own mind.


In the Digital World:


Angewomon:Super Holy Arrow!

Devimon de-digievolves back to Impmon:




Hikari:Stay calm.He won’t go crazy when evolving again.But now he used a very big amount of energy.That’s why he fainted.

Railey:But who are you?

Hikari:My name is Hikari.I’ve came here to search for Takeru.


Hikari:You know him?

Helen:Yes.We three and him,were chosen as Chosen Childrens.

Hikari:Takeru?Once more?The third time?Where’s him?

Railey:Well,there was an explosion and we were separated.

Hersel:I know where he is.We ended up in the same place,but  I separed from him.

Hikari:Lead us to him!



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