Double Tag!Jogress Evolution!MarineDevimon!

Narrator(Railey):Many happend  reccently.Me,along with my friends got sucked in another world,where we became friend with Digimon,the Digital Monsters.We’re up on a mission to save this world.We freed our friends,but then because of my cruel orders,Seadramon became Seadramon X and prepared to use a deadly attack which would kill everyone.I was told the Tag can stop it.But…


Seadramon X:Out of my way!Or I’ll crush you too!

Gatomon:Seadramon!Listen to us!

Hersel:Hikari!Please take care of this!

Hikari:Where are you going?

Hersel:I sense something!It’s weird.I’ve got to check.Let’s go Devimon!


Angemon:God Knuckle!

Lekismon:Luna Crash!

Volcdoramon:HAHAHAHAHA!That tickled!

Takeru and Helen:What?!

Volcdoramon:The Messagers of Darkness are the rulers of the Digital World now!Any who opposes us will be eliminated!

Takeru:What will you do?


Takeru:You and your “Gang” took over the digital world.Now what?What will you do to it?

Volcdoramon:That doesn’t concerns you!Burning Volcano!

Helen and Takeru:Angemon!Lekismon!


Railey:(Come on now,Coronamon!Are you done with your “investigation”?)

Coronamon Spirit:Actually yes…Apparently,we need two Tags or two Crests to purify Seadramon.Either will work.

Railey:Well,I already got my tag.Where can we get either Helen’s,either Hersel,either Takeru’s Tag from?By the way,where’s Hersel and Devimon?

In a cave:

Devimon:I sense it too,Hersel!I guess it’s our tag!

SkullGreymon:Oh,are you searching for this?

Hersel: !!!YOU!

Devimon:I remember him…

Hersel:Me too…very well!He’s the one who attacked us in Seraphimon’s house back then!

SkullGreymon:Trying to avoid further talking…is this what you’re looking for?

Hersel:The Tag!Give it to us!

SkullGreymon:Take it,if you want it!Mghuaha!

A bunch of Evilmon pops up:

Hersel:Seems like we’ll have to defeat thoose guys!

Evilmons:Evil Speakeeeer!

Devimon defeats them easily.

Devimon:No offense,SkullGreymon,but is that all your “guards” can do?

SkullGreymon:HAHAHAHAHA!Digi-Tag!Seadramon X,Absorb!

Meanwhile.Seadramon X Data starts to fly:


Lekismon:What’s going on?

They are being hit and de-evolve.


Railey:(Coronamon,what’s going on?)

Coronamon Spirit:Apparently,Hersel left to get his Tag,but SkullGreymon took it first,and now he uses it to absorb Seadramon X)



The roof got broken by a SkullGreymon.

Takeru:Skull….SkullGreymon!!Can’t be…is that…Taichi-san’s Agumon?

All: !!!!

Seraphimon:That’s…1 of the 12 Messagers of Darkness.

SkullGreymon:Taichi?Who’s that?I was born and raised by the lord of darkness!

Takeru:(Then I was mistaking.That’s not Taichi’s Agumon)

Seraphimon:Holy Gate!

SkullGreymon destroys the gate.

Seraphimon:WHAT?!Chosen Childrens!RUN!And defeat them!

Railey:But you’ll be killed!!


*Flashback Ends*

Railey:(We have to go to help!)

Coronamon Spirit:But first…Patamon and Lunamon lost!

Volcdoramon:You two will pay for interferring!

Meanwhile in the Cave:

Hersel:You fool!GIVE.US.THE.TAG!

Hersel kicks him and he drops the Tag.

SkullGreymon:Noo!My absorbing proccess!

Hersel:Want it back?Come and get catch it!Let’s fly back,Devimon!

Back to the fights:

Railey:!!!Hersel!A second tag!Hersel,raise it to Seadramon X!

Hersel and Railey:Double Tag!Digi-Purify!

Seadramon X transforms back to Seadramon.



Helen:You’ve got to help us!

Hikari:Gatomon’s too weaken from before…

Railey:Then we’ll help!

SkullGreymon arrives.

SkullGreymon:Everyone’s here?Great!I will eat you all!

Hersel:Ghr…he followed!

The two tags fly in the sky.

Hersel and Railey: !!!

Devimon.Seadramon….Jogress Evolution!!!   MarineDevimon!

Railey:What the…


Volcodramon:Wha…what’s that?

SkullGreymon:Can’t be….The Legendary…MarineDevimon!


Volcodramon and SkullGreymon: !!!


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