Back Home!Digimon Mystery!

After finding the base of Arukenimon and Chatsuramon,they finally defeated Arukenimon.When headed to rescue Hikari from Chatsuramon,he opened a portal to the human world,and Railey got pushed in.In the real world,Railey found himself with a toy Betamon.

Railey:It can’t be…I was dreaming everything…

Railey’s mom enter the room:

Mom:RAILEY!You’re back!Where were you?

Railey:Where was…(Now…was it or not a dream?)Well.uh….I took the wrong train home and get somewhere else.I slept at my…aunt.

Mom:Your friends’s moms called to.Their kids didn;’t came either.

Railey:Uh..well..they came with the same train with me.

Mom:So they’re also home now?

Railey:Uh…yes.By the way,if me or my friends dissapear…we’ll be on….um….a trip!Yes!The School is organizating a trip!It may take a month.

Mom:Well I’ll call the teacher to see how much I have to pay for it.

Railey:(Damn…)…it’s not needed.It’s for free!


Railey:Well,I’m out!

Mom:But look closer at the train when you go on it.



Railey:I’ve been missing.And so were my friends..So It was real.I wasn’t dreaming…..Oh no!I left them there..alone…against Chatsuramon.I have to return,and fast!But…how?Who could I posibly ask for help?Betamon’s back as a toy.Wait…If I remember well…


Hikari:Uh,Takeru.Everyone’s worried.When will you come home?

Takeru:Uh….we have a mission here.To defeat the 12 Messagers of Darkness!

Hikari:Shall I go back to call everyone else?

Takeru:You didn’t know?Since thoose Messagers got here,we can’t leave.Only come in.

*Flashback ends*

Railey:Hikari mentioned “the others”.Who are thoose “others”?They could help me…

The man,who was invetigating the card fights appears.


Railey:Who are you?

Man:You’ve got into something you shouldn’t had!Hand over the toy!

Railey: !!! You..know about Digimons?

Man:More than you think.Come with me.

In their laboratory:

Man:First of all,my name is Yakuno.I’m the lead of DDM organization.Let me tell you things you didn’t knew.First of all,The Digimon World is a name given to their world by the Digimon themselves.But the original name of that world is actually Digital World.

Railey:Digi…tal World?

Yakuno:It’s inhabitated by creatures you and the rest of the world call,Digimon.Of Course,everyone thinks it’s just a game.Only you,kids,and us,know the truth.But had you knew the Digimon’s original name concept?It is Digital Monsters.


Yakuno:Digimon and the Digimon World are nothing more than pure data.The whole world you were in is inside a computer.It’s made of data.The Digimons or anything you see in….it isn’t true.Just data.

Railey:Betamon is not….true?

Yakuno:They can’t get hurt.They can’t get hungry.They don’t have feelings,all in all.It’s just something producted by the kids all around the world.

Railey:They Do have feelings!!!!Wait….what do you mean by producted by the kids all around the world?

Yakuno:We don’t know who created the digital world,but..somehow,it’s connected to what you kids call Digimon Card Game.If,say,a Monochromon is fighting a Greymon,in a card game,played by two kids,the fight actually happends in the Digital World.SkullGreymon vs Seraphimon.Seadramon,your digimon, VS Goblimon.Lunamon VS Arukenimon.Angewomon VS Devimon.Devimon VS Baromon.All of thoose and every other,are just simulated by what the kids play.

Railey:Can’t be…Everything we’ve done….we did nothing.Some kids…did everything.It was not thanks to me,neither to Seadramon that we defeated that Goblimon.It was thanks to a random kid…

Yakuno:Not everything.The 12 Messagers of Darkness have their own mind.They’re not controled by a card game.

Railey:Why is Betamon a toy?

Yakuno:When a person goes into the digital world,they become data.You,for example,you changed from RealDNA to Data when you went inside.The humans are capable of changing the way of existence.Digimon don’t.They can’t change from Data to RealDNA,so they become StaticVersionDNA.In other words,a toy.

Railey:So that’s it…

Yakuno:I need you,you and your friends to stop The 12 Messagers of Darkness.

Railey:Why?I thought you said they’re only data.They can’t get hurt and not have feelings.

Yakuno:BOY!That only applies to digimon controled by a card!I said the 12 Messagers of Darkness have their own mind!

Railey:Okay.I’ll do it.Because the digimons are my friends.Data or not.Real or fake!But you..why you want me to do it?You don’t care about digimons.They’re only data to you.So why?

Yakuno:The fact that they’re controled by a card is good.If they won’t be…they could do what they want.The 12 Messagers of Darkness aren’t controled by a card.Any thing they do in the digital world can affect our world.

Railey:Even with that…you only care about this world.You don’t feel the digimons.Whatever,I’ll do it.Because I care about digimons!

Yakuno:Take this device…and use it to return!

Suddenly,buildings start to fall,the laboratry to be desteoyed,eartquakes,etc.

Railey:What’s going on?

Yakuno:Ghr…I forgott to say it….Time passes different.One minute here,is one day in the digital world!And as I said,if the 12 Messagers of Darkness do something to the Digital World,it will affect ours too.They did something..something very bad…you must hurry!GO BACK!Defeat them!Repair this world!

Railey:(Yakuno…..)Okay!Here I go!

Railey goes to the Digital World.


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