Arukenimon’s Return!Impmon Evolves!

After being separated from each other by an explosion,Helen is kidnapped by Arukenimon,one of The 12 Messagers of Darkness.Lunamon,along with Railey and Betamon went into the rescue.Lunamon then digievolved to Lekismon and saved Helen.After,Lekismon pushed Arukenimon away,leaving them wondering what happend to her.

In the real world:


The Digidestinied from 02(except Takeru,who is in the digital world) met in the park.

Ken:So,had anyone seen Takeru?

Hikari:I haven’t.I’m worried.

Miyako:I’ve called him a few times.But he won’t answer.

Iuri:I know.I called him too.

Daisuke:That’s weird.No one heard anything of him since yeasterday.Where could that guy be?

Ken:Maybe he’s just in the digital world,though.

Miyako:Yet,it’s been 1 day.Why won’t he return if he’s there?


Hikari:I don’t know about you,but I am gonna sneak into the school!


Hikari:I’m going to the Digital World!

In the Digital World,Takeru,Hersel,Patamon and Impmon wake up.

Hersel:Whe..where are we?

Takeru:I..don’t know..all I can remember is that a SkullGreymon ambushed Seraphimon’s house.

Impmon:I remember!

Patamon:So do I!

Hersel and Takeru:TELL US!

Patamon:Well,SkullGreymon and Seraphimon;’s fighting led to a explosion.We all end up in different places.

Hersel:And yet…from all the chosen childrens,I got send in the same place as our “mom”

Takeru:Stop calling me like that.

Hersel:Not my fault you act like one!


Hersel:Let’s go,Impmon.We leave!

Hersel and Impmon separes from Takeru and Patamon.

Impmon:Why are we leaving,Hersel?

Hersel:I am definetly not gonna stay with that mommy.He acts like he knows everything.He thinks we’re babies!

Impmon:Now now,after all,this is his third time being a Chosen Children.

Hersel:Oh right,you defend him now!

Impmon:I don’t,but…

Hersel:Impmon.When Seadramon defeated Gesomon and Goblimon…something went into him.What was it?

Impmon:Oh.That was just data.When you defeat an enemy,you can,if you want,absorb his data,and become stronger.

Hersel:Then,fight!FIGHT!FIGHT!Destroy digimons!Absorb their data!BE STRONG!


Hersel:So what?I didn’t choosed to come here.Now that I did,I can do what I want.

Impmon:NO!I won’t do your cruel orders!

Hersel:FOOL!You must!You’re my partner!You must listen to me!


A voice was heard.

Arukenimon:Hihihihi!I heard you wanna load the data of strong digimon.Try to load me then!Hihihihihi!

Hersel:Who are you?

Arukenimon:Arukenimon!A Messager of Darkness!



Hersel:I don’t care if you’re a messager of darkness or not!Impmon will load your data and grow to be stronger!

Arukenimon:Acid Mist!

Impmon can’t move.

Hersel:Don’t stay just there stupid!Attack!Be Cruel!LOAD HIM!

Impmon:HERSEL!Stop for one moment and think about this:I CAN’T FREAKING MOVE!

Hersel:You can’t move your feets!But you can move your hand!Use Fire Finger or whatever!

Impmon uses Fire Finder on the ground.

Hersel:Not on the groud,fool!On Arukenimon!

Impmon:Shut up!I aimed there to melt the acid!Now…Fire Fing….

Impmon gets a strong hit from Arukenimon.


Impmon:I can’t do it just like….

Impmon digievolve to…Devimon!

Devimon:HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH!Seems that I can!

Hersel:Now,Devimon!Attack Arukenimon!

Devimon:I don’t take orders from a silly human anymore!

Hersel:WHAT?But….I’m your partner!


Devimon launches an attack towards Hersel.

Lekismon:Lunar Shield!!

Lekismon appears in front of Hersel and creates a shield.From a path,Helen,Railey and Betamon arrives.

Railey:What..what is that?

Hersel:Impmon!Listen to your partner!


Meanwhile,Arukenimon sneaks out.

Devimon:You shall all dieee!!

Railey:We have no choice,but to attack him!Betamon!


Betamon digievolve to…Seadramon!


Devimon launches an attack towards Lekismon and Seadramon making them to return to their rookie forms.

Railey:(His power is unbelievable..)

Helen:(Can we defeat him?)

Hersel:(Is this..happening because I forced him to evolve?)


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