An Heated Battle!KendoGarurumon Appears!

Narrator(Railey):Many happend  reccently.Me,along with my friends got sucked in another world,where we became friend with Digimon,the Digital Monsters.We’re up on a mission to save this world.In the middle of the fight,Hersel left to get his Tag.When he returned,we managed to turn Seadramon back,but the two Tags….

The two tags fly in the sky.

Hersel and Railey: !!!

Devimon.Seadramon….Jogress Evolution!!!   MarineDevimon!

Railey:What the…


Volcodramon:Wha…what’s that?

SkullGreymon:Can’t be….The Legendary…MarineDevimon!


Volcodramon and SkullGreymon: !!!

MarineDevimon:YOU AND ALL YOUR GANG WILL PAY!You,SkullGreymon!You killed Seraphimon!And you,Volcdoramon,you killed MetalEtemon,who only wanted to kill us because YOU ordered them!Had you heard of the word KARMA?Because that’ll happen to you.

NOTE: Karma means that if you do something bad to someone,something bad will happen to you to.The same is if you do a good thing.

SkullGreymon:Hahahah!Jogressed or not,you will not defeat us!

Coronamon Spirit:Jogress Evolution!Devimon and Seadramon combined to create MarineDevimon.They’ll change back after the fight.

Railey:(So that’s it)

Volcdoramon:Vulcano Launch!

SkullGreymon:Skelethon Breaker!

MarineDevimon:YOU.WILL.PAY!Demonic Aqua Clash!

Volcdoramon:AAAH!MY flames start to die!If they die…I’ll die too!

SkullGreymon;Gghrhrrr!We’ll show you!Dark Blaster!

MarineDevimon can’t move.

MarineDevimon:Wha..what’s this?

SkullGreymon:It was Dark Blaster!The endless darkness energy from that attack is sucking your life out,until it will reach the critical point,and DIE!



Hersel and Railey:MARINEDEVIMON!!!

Gabumon appears.



Gabumon Blast-Warp Evolve!KendoGarurumon!

KendoGarurumon:Blast-Warp!It’s basicly another Version of my mega-self,MetalGarurumon.

KendoGarurumon destroys the Dark Blaster’s effect.

SkullGreymon:A…Mega? !!! It’s one of the original saver digimons!

Volcdoramon:Heeelo,SkullGreymon!My flames are still dieing here!!

MarineDevimon:Who are you?

KendoGarurumon:I’m Takeru’s bigger brother’s digimon.

MarineDevimon:Where’s he then?

KendoGarurumon:In the real world.He’s pretty much not aware of what is happening in here.

MarineDevimon:Okay!Let’s take thoose guys down!

Volcdoramon:My flames…..

KendoGarurumon:Ice Sharp!

Volcdoramon is frozen.

SkullGreymon:You’re pretty good.But not even a Mega and  a  Jogress togheter can’t defeat ME!

KendoGarurumon:Oh really?Says the ULTIMATE!

MarineDevimon:Haha!Good one,Kendo!


MarineDevimon:Now to serious things!

SkullGreymon:Why had you frozen Volcdoramon?

KendoGarurumon:We’ll take one down at a time!You’re the first to go down!Frozen Moon Scratch!

MarineDevimon:Demonic Aqua Blaster!

SkullGreymon:HAHA!Look at that!Volcdoramon starts to move!

MarineDevimon suddenly turns back to Devimon and Seadramon,and faint.


SkullGreymon:Volcdoramon,will you please take care of that!

KendoGarurumon:You think!Ultimate Wolf Blade!

Volcdoramon,the ruler of this zone,dies.


KendoGarurumon dies!


SkullGreymon:He killed Volcdoramon.I killed him.I gues that’s what he calls KARMA!Anyway,you won this!You defeated this land’s ruler.I predict we’ll meet again!

He leaves.

Later,Devimon and Seadramon wake up.

Railey:You’re awake!



Devimon:We couldn’t ressist the Jogress.We’re not ready yet.

Railey:It’s ok..

Takeru:KendoGarurumon won…anyway.

Seadramon:Where’s Kendo now?

Takeru:Gabumon…Onii-chan’s digimon….is dead.



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