We’re Chosen Childrens!Enter,Seadramon!

After Takeru suddenly left,Railey met Hersel,and the two had a card fight.In the middle of the fight,a portal to the Digital World opened,and they fell in.Here,they found that Takeru and even Helen,Railey’s childhood friends are here.A hungry Numemon attacked them,but Helen solved the problem.Now the Chosen Childrens are heading towards the Blue Roofed House.

Railey:Say again,Takeru,why do we have to camp here,in a forest?

Takeru:The Digital World is dangerous at night.Well,it’s always dangerour.But we have to sleep here.

Helen:Is it safe?

Takeru:It should be.I was Chosen Childrens before,and we did the same thing.

Hersel:Gosh,Takeru!Stop acting like you’re superior!

Takeru:But I don’t do that.I’m just telling you lot,from my experience,how to survive in here.

Hersel:That’s called “acting superior” ya’ know?

Railey:Hersel,stop!Even if he’s acting superior,he has the right to!He’s been Chosen Children not once,but twice,before us!

Hersel:Humph!I am gonna take a walk!

Takeru:Come back fast.It’s dangerour in the night.

Hersel:Stop acting like a mom!

Hersel leaves in the forest:

Betamon:Impmon!Go with him!

Patamon:Yea.He’d be safe if he’s with you.


Lunamon:Good luck!With Hersel,you’re probabily gonna need it!

Impmon follows the path taken by Hersel:

Railey:Hey Takeru-kun!Remember when that Numemon attacked us?Well,with some kind of device,you analizated him or something.

Takeru:Oh.That’s a Digivice.It can record data of a Digimon.

Helen:Sounds cool.Where can we take one?

Takeru:Uh…I really don’t know.When I first became Chosen Childrens,I woke up with it in my pocket.

Railey:Maybe the strange man from the blue roofed house can give us some.

Takeru:Maybe.(Who could be that man?Gennai?)


At a lake:

Hersel:Looks cool.


Hersel:Why you’re here?

Impmon:I;m your partner!

Hersel:Whatever.Let’s go an look for some enemies.

Impmon:We’re supposed to fight the evil!Not become evil ourselves!

Hersel:I know that they send you here to protect me!So whetever I’d go,you’d come too,because you protect me!Then I am going to hunt for digimons.And you have to come,to protect me!

Impmon:(Gha.I hate this logic,but it’s true…)

Hersel:So then…

Hersel jumps in the lake:

Impmon:HERSEL!!!Damn,I hate this!

Impmon follows him.


Hersel:That one looks great!

Impmon:Oh,he’s Scubamon!

Hersel:I don’t care who he is!Attack him!

Impmon:I can’t.Fire Finger won’t work underwater.

Hersel:Just use another attack!

Impmon:That’s the only attack I know!

Hersel:What a lame Digimon!Let’s go back on land!

But they couldn’t return,as a digimon caght them,and dragged them.

Back at the camping place,Railey,Helen and Takeru hear a shout.

Helen:What’s going on?Who shouted?It woke me up!

Takeru: !!! Hersel didn’t came back yet!

Railey:Could it be…he was the one who shouted!

Helen:Follow the sound!!

At the lake:

Railey:It came from here.

Helen:But he’s nowhere around!

Takeru:Could it be…

Takeru puts his head underwater:

Takeru:Yes,it is.He’s underwater.


Betamon:Let me take a look!

Betamon puts his head underwater also.

Betamon:Agh.They’re too down.Despite being a water digimon,I’m still just a Rookie.I can’t stand that pressure.

Railey:How do we save them,then?

A Gesomon comes from the lake:

All: !!!

Takeru’s Digivice:Gesomon!Virus Digimon!Champion Level!His special attack is Coral Crusher!

Gesomon:Mooooore huuumans!!


Lunamon:That has to be it!He’s the one who dragged Hersel and Impmon down in the lake.

Gesomon:That human and his digimon will be great as food!But I want moooore food!!!!YOU!

Gesomon starts attacking with it’s tentacles.


Patamon:Air Shot!

Betamon:Water Bubble!

Lunamon:Luna Clasher!

Helen:Nothing affects him…

Takeru:He’s Champion level!No wonder we can’t hurt him.

With one of his tentacles,Gesomon takes Railey.


Betamon Shinka!!!!!Seadramon!

Note:   Shinka=Evolve

Helen: !!!



Seadramon:Let go of Railey!!!

Seadramon jumps in the sea:

Takeru’s digivice: Seadramon!Data Digimon!He is the evolved form of Betamon!


Seadramon:Water Breath!

The attack hits the tentacle that was holding Railey,causing him to fall.

Helen:Lunamon!Do something!

Lunamon:Mystic Sphere!!

Railey is surronded by a purple sphere before he fell in the water,which brought him to land.

Railey:Arigatou,Helen.Lunamon.Takeru,why is Betamon different?

Takeru:He evolved.It’s natural!But don’t worry.He’s gonna revert to Betamon after the fight.

Gesomon:Coral Crusher!

Seadramon falls in the water,this causing it to wet the Chosen Childrens.


Takeru:He’s Seadramon now.


Seadramon comes out of the water with Hersel and Impmon on his back.He puts them on land.

Seadramon:I evolved.Preassure is not a problem anymore!Now,Gesomon!Take this!Ice Blast!

Gesomon freezes.

Seadramon:And now,Tail Smash!

Gesomon gets deleted:

Railey:You did it,Seadramon!!

Seadramon reverta back to Betamon,and falls in the hands of Railey.

Later,Hersel and Impmon opens eyes.






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